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Know how to protect your business in the remote locations

Whether you are administering some remote facilities for an NGO or running any sort of life support camp in Afghanistan or Iraq, you need to ensure that you have got the right insurance coverage.

Anderson Lloyd International being one of the best International life support companies can help you arrange insurance coverage to protect your company against any kind of legal expenses and to check your overall exposure to any kind of risk.

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Anderson Lloyd International has years of rich experience in helping several companies in acquiring professional independent advice on coverage for the contracts you have already won and the contracts you are currently bidding on. Just get in touch with us to help you guide the section dealing with insurance coverage in your contract document. This ensures that you have the right coverage at the right price.

  • Cover for your staff and clients staying in your accommodation; whether that is inside a secure base in Kabul or a hotel in Baghdad. This would include life cover, Personal Accident cover including medical evacuation and repatriation and Kidnap & Ransom cover.
  • Cover for your assets from physical damage and political violence, terrorism and political risk.
  • Liability cover in conflict, post-conflict and far flung regions including Workers Compensation and Employers Liability and Comprehensive General Liability.
  • Construction Liabilities, Contractors All Risks insurance and specialist environmental cover
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