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Every U.S. government subcontractor and contractor working abroad should have Defense Base Act insurance that covers the illness or injury of the employees. This states that whenever you are working for a project that is approved or financed by the U.S. government, you must have this special workers’ compensation for your employees.

At Anderson Lloyd International, we are here to arrange for you and your company the most comprehensive and specialised insurance solutions and high risk insurance. This ensures that you get everything covered that is required to work as a U.S. contractor and for operating in the high-risk areas worldwide. It has been around 18-years that we have been helping companies find the right coverage they need as per the respective countries they are operating in.

Our highly trained DBA specialists are strategically located all around the world. They are supported by world-class DBA Centers of Excellence in Dubai and the U.S. We have an excellent network of vendors and on-ground personnel who will investigate your claims, communicate in the local language and pay you as per the local currencies.

You can access our Defense Base Act insurance team just with a single phone call from anywhere in the world to avail of quality medical services, secured evacuations 24×7 with the help of Travel Guard and our global assistance operation.